Two Wonderful Charities That Help Women and Kids

It has been my privilege and joy to work in real estate in Chandler and the East Valley. My whole team of Chandler real estate agents and I love the beauty of this area and the wonderful spirit of its residents.

One of the things that makes Chandler such a great place to live is that the people here care about one another. I have found two charities that take that spirit of caring and reach out to help children and women who need a little boost to thrive. Both of these charities perform small acts of kindness that make a profound difference in the lives of the people who receive them.

I hope that you will consider joining me, Cathy Carter, in helping these organizations so that they can continue to give to children and women in need. It doesn't take much to help. A small donation can have a big impact on someone's life.

Hope Women's Center

The Hope Women's Center helps women and teenage girls living in the East Valley, Phoenix, and Coolidge who are facing any kind of difficult situations in their lives. The Center's motto is "Help for today, hope for tomorrow." The Center's trained mentors and teachers use a Biblical approach to address life's problems. Their goal is to help each client "discover how truly extraordinary she was meant to be."

The Hope Women's Center provides education in critical life skills, including parenting, money management, nutrition, crafts, forgiveness, dealing with anger, and relationships. To motivate clients to attend classes and to give them a sense of pride in being able to provide for themselves, the Center uses a special reward system. Clients who attend classes receive "client cash," which they can redeem in the Center's Resource Room, or with local vendors who participate in the program, or even for payments on their utility bills.

You can help the Hope Women's Center by donating useful items, such as toothpaste, soap, and paper. I will be posting an updated list of items that the Women's Center needs every month on this page, so please check back often.

Birthdays Remembered

The founder of Birthdays Remembered first saw the need to remember birthdays when her daughter was in the hospital with Spina Bifida. Her daughter needed more than 180 surgeries, and so was spending many holidays and birthdays in the hospital. Many volunteers came to the hospital during the holidays to cheer up the children, and many caring organizations provided holiday gifts. On the children's birthdays, though, no one was there except for their parents, who were sometimes unable to leave their child's side long enough to buy a gift.

Birthdays Remembered provides birthday presents not only for children who are in the hospital, but also for children from families that are struggling financially, fleeing abuse, or in danger of being homeless, where the caretakers cannot afford to buy gifts for their children. Birthdays Remembered gives the gifts directly to the caretakers, so that they can give the gifts to the children, and the children never have to know that their parents or caretakers were not the ones who bought the gifts.

The motto of this organization is, "Remember a birthday, celebrate a child." You can help by attending or working on their annual Champagne Brunch in Gilbert by volunteering to help with event planning or by donating much needed items such as children's books, wrapping paper, and ribbon. Please check back on this page, where I will post an updated list of items the organization needs every month.

Giving a child a birthday gift is a simple idea, but the effect on the children and their parents or guardians is profound. Every child deserves to have a great birthday, and for a family that struggles with difficult challenges, celebrating a child's birthday brings joy into their lives and helps bring them closer together as a family.

Neighbors Reaching Out to Neighbors

I support Hope Women's Center and Birthdays Remembered because the work they do touches my heart. They are small organizations, so anything we can contribute will go a long way and make a noticeable difference. I also like that they help people in our area.

In my many years working in real estate Chandler has always been a community where neighbors reach out to neighbors. These two charities have identified needs that weren't being adequately taken care of by anyone else. They stepped up to fill in the gap, and they now provide a bright spot in the lives of the women, teens, and kids whose lives they touch.

I am glad that I have this opportunity to introduce these charities to you. If you would like to help, they can always use your time or your donation

Hope Women's Center Needs for the Month of April 2014






Laundry Detergent

Make-up/Personal Hygiene


Garbage Bags

Toilet Paper


Baby Diapers


Paper(regular & Legal)

Please feel to Contact Me directly to arrange drop off locations!

Thank you!
Cathy Carter

Cathy Carter
Cathy Carter
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